Hottest Bathroom Design Trends of 2018

bathroom Bathrooms may not dominate as much square footage as the other rooms in a home, but they are as important as the rest. They deserve decorative attention as well, and there are countless stylish and trendy design options to employ when it’s time for an update. Consider the following options during your next bathroom design project:

    • Living walls. This may seem risky, but they can be utterly breathtaking. There is a wide array of greenery conducive to a moist, indoor environment. Living walls can be installed with watering systems that are either timed or based on the soil’s moisture level.


    • Curbless showers. Seamlessness is in, so flooring that continues directly into the shower, instead of a shower curb, exhibits such a quality. This is especially true for smaller spaces, where simplicity and practicality are necessities.


    • Customized walk-in showers. In addition to going curbless, an open, walk-in shower can be particularly luxurious. Large overhead showers that resemble gentle waterfalls are ideal for such spaces. These can be somewhat expensive, but their spa-like qualities make them worthwhile investments.


    • Floating vanities. These are bathroom accessories that fully complement the trending desire for simplicity and practicality. A vanity that is mounted to the wall gives the impression of more space and shows off attractive floors. If the potential lack of storage space is a concern, they may also come equipped with cabinetry that is free of legs.


    • Copper. Copper is becoming increasingly popular in all areas of design, including bathroom decor. The industrial look is now widely accepted, and copper pipes may be shown off as featured bathroom accessories. Copper bathtubs, sinks, light fixtures, and faucets pop in bathrooms, adding a decorative element.


  • Curves. The incorporation of curves into bathroom design contributes to the appearance of seamlessness and cleanliness. Curved entryways and shower enclosures, as well as rounded windows, bathtubs, and sinks all apply. If you opt for curves, be sure all bathroom accessories are implemented into the design to maintain continuity.
  • Monochrome themes. Monochrome is perceived as minimalistic and clean, and variations of any metallic color can achieve this look. Polished or matte tiles can add a modern, classy touch. Again, simplicity and practically are represented here.

Because minimalism is in, this is an ideal time to undergo a bathroom design or remodeling project that need not be overly elaborate or expensive. It is crucial to consider both your budget and various options to produce a trendy design that suits your home and your tastes.

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